House repeals key Obamacare board

The Independent Payment Advisory Board is either the way to save Medicare or a means by which the government will ration health care, depending on which side of the aisle you belong. Whatever it is, the House voted on Saturday to repeal it. USA Today: The GOP has branded the Independent Payment Advisory Board a rationing panel, and Republicans hope the symbolic 223-181 vote to repeal it will persuade seniors that they, and not the Democrats, are the best stewards of Medicare. IPAB would have the power to force cuts to service providers like drug companies if Medicare costs rise beyond predetermined levels. A Republican Medicare plan announced this week would also limit Medicare cost increases, but rely more on market competition. If it sounds like a debate among Washington insiders, Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., said he would have no trouble explaining to constituents why he voted to repeal the board. "Do you remember death panels?" said Kingston, referring to the debunked...(Read Full Post)