Homs: Even worse than we thought

Dozens of civilians in the Syrian city of Homs were massacred in cold blood, according to both activists and the government. The difference is, each side blames the other. Reuters: The government and opposition each said the other side was to blame for the killings in Homs, where Syrian forces retook a rebel-held district on March 1 after a 26-day siege. "The terrorist armed groups have kidnapped scores of civilians in Homs, killed and mutilated their corpses and filmed them to be shown by media outlets," state news agency SANA said. Footage posted by opposition activists on YouTube showed men, women and children lying dead in a blood-drenched room. The Local Coordination Committees of Syria, a grassroots opposition network, said at least 45 women and children had been stabbed and burned in the Homs district of Karm al-Zeitoun. It said another seven people were slain in the city's Jobar district, which adjoins the former rebel bastion of Baba Amr. Activists contacted in Homs...(Read Full Post)