Hollywood Celebrities are in Obama's Pocket

Hollywood luminaries are using their names, faces, and pocketbooks to try and convince voters that Barack Obama is a great president who deserves their support. A host of Hollywood celebrities are taking center stage right now in a campaign to reelect Barack Obama.  A few days ago, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at the Women in the World Summit in New York.  She was introduced by Meryl Streep who went overboard praising Clinton and casting aspersions at people who don't buy into their warped perspective.  It's part and parcel of the Democrats' strategy, and Streep played her role to perfection; Tom Hanks narrated President Obama's recently released campaign video titled "The Road We've Traveled"; and George Clooney made a taped appearance on Sunday's "Meet the Press" with the show's moderator David Gregory.  Among other things, Clooney extolled Obama's virtues. Streep's outing in New York wasn't a first for her.  Almost 25...(Read Full Post)