Farewell 'Big E,' and thanks

The nuclear powered aircraft carrier Enterprise is making its final voyage on March 11. The "Big E" saw service in every major conflict over the last 50 years and is the longest combat ship in the world. Her top speed was close to 40 mph and she was crewed by nearly 6,000 sailors and airmen. Launched in 1960, the Enterprise will be "inactivated" due to its aging systems and inability to procure spare parts for much of its infrastructure. It is the second longest active ship in Navy history. Only the wooden-hulled frigate the USS Constitution has been on active service longer. But while she sailed, Enterprise was an awesome weapons platform. In popular culture, the Enterprise was the ship used in the film "Top Gun." The ship was originally intended to be in service for 25 years but was overhauled in 1979. After so many years, the maintenance problems it encounters have come to include "unknown unknowns," the AP said, citing Capt William Hamilton, the ship's commanding officer. ...(Read Full Post)