Coup in Mali

While the world was caught up in a waiting game between a Islamic terrorist and France Wednesday night, little notice was paid to the military coup in Mali. The tiny Islamic country nestled in the heart of Africa was rocked last night as members of the military seized first the local television stations, and then the presidential palace, arresting several ministers and the obligatory looting that always follows. Considered one of the few true democracies in Africa, it will have to be seen how it all plays out, after they get done tearing everything apart that is.  President Amadou Toumani Toure currently is MIA, though some media reports say he is being protected by his presidential guard at an army camp, as the ousting draws little international concern and condemnation. The band of mutineers, calling themselves the National Committee for the Establishment of Democracy, said their move was prompted by government's "inability" to put down a Tuareg-led insurrection in the north....(Read Full Post)