Chicagoans overwhelmingly re-elect alleged bribe taker

In President Barack Obama's (D) hometown of Chicago, recently designated as the nation's most corrupt, and whose Chicago based convicted ex Democratic governor just went to prison, proclaiming his innocence til the end, for trying to sell Obama's vacant Senate seat when he jumped ship to the presidency, which is worse a) voting for a Republican or b) voting for an accused bribe taker? For Chicago voters that was an easy choice. A Democratic state lawmaker from Chicago charged last week with accepting a bribe overwhelmingly won his party's primary on Tuesday, reinforcing the reputation of the nation's third-largest city for turning a blind eye to corruption. (snip) (Derrick Smith) was leading with 76 percent of the vote with more than 80 percent of the ballots counted, according to the Chicago Board of Elections. Long term Democrat congressman Rep Danny Davis justified his constituents' voting decisions. Davis said he asked voters in overwhelmingly Democratic Chicago to elect Smith...(Read Full Post)