Celebrate clothing diversity?

When former Black Panther and current Democrat Congressman Bobby Rush appeared on the floor of the House of Representatives in a hoodie and was ejected for violating the dress code (which forbids head covering), he added a new dimension to the racial Rorschach Test that is the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Apparently, the hoodie has come to represent black culture, so to be free of racism, all Americans must accept it as perfectly acceptable clothing in all situations, even on the august floor of the House of Representatives, where the nation's fate is debated. Even though I have seen white, Hispanic, and Asian people wearing hoodies for well over a decade, apparently  the fact that it first became popular in gangsta' subculture is enough to permanently associate blacks with this  particular garment. I never associated the Unabomber with black people, but perhaps that is merely proof of my racism. Are we now on course to see the hoodie as a fashion statement of tolerance?...(Read Full Post)