Cats rule the internet? 68 million dog owners disagree

Since it's Sunday, how about a little non-political distraction? Besides, I love cats and any opportunity that presents itself where I can tweak dog owners a bit is welcome. In an article by a young intern at The New Republic, Perry Stein writes about the fact that posting cat pictures or writing about cats will bring more readers and links than writing about dogs. But why is that? But the reason that cats have catapulted to cyber-fame isn't purely biological: There are social factors at play as well. Steve Dale, a cat behavior consultant and pet journalist, told me that cat aficionados have been particularly drawn to the Internet because they lack other public safety valves where they can express their affection. "In the world of cats, there is no dog park," Dale says. "For cat owners, the dog park is the Internet." Indeed, the Internet isn't only a high-volume marketplace of cat memes-it's also home to very intense communities of cat owners, who gather to share stories and...(Read Full Post)