Bristol Palin shames Obama

I don't know much about Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol except that I have had sympathy for her because of the incredibly cruel attacks on her by some on the left. Bill Mahar has been especially crude and boorish in his attacks on the daughter of a public figure (one wonders at the otherworldly courage of Mr. Mahar and others to attack a teenage girl. I'm sure there's some kind of battlefield decoration for that.). But this, I am impressed with. Tina Korbe: Bristol, though, truly not "afraid of life," has now echoed her mother's call to the president to reject the money Bill Maher donated to Obama's Super PAC. Obama might not technically have control over when and where and how "his" Super PAC spends its money, but he could publicly disavow Maher - or reach out to the conservative women who've been insulted by him. In a post on her new blog and in clear, sincere language, Bristol appeals to the president's highest, noblest instincts - most especially his instinct to protect his...(Read Full Post)