'Breitbart's Last Laugh'

Of all the great tributes to Andrew Breitbart that have appeared in the last 24 hours, I wanted to share what I think is one of the best; from his friend Matt Labash at the Weekly Standard. Labash writes about the events surrounding one of Breitbart's last "capers": his dinner with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn: Our party arrived at our economy hotel, which sat next to a highway in the ghetto. It smelled of failure and water damage. Breitbart showed up late, letting me know he was on the grounds by sending a text which read: "We have to score some heroin before we head out....Wait, I think there's someone outside my hotel room who can help." We did not score heroin, which neither of us used, though in the hotel bar, we all doubled over as Andrew worked out his shtick during pre-game drinks as he proudly explained to us a new coinage of his - "Retrobate" - the process whereby one sexually fantasizes about aged actresses who you once had a crush on, in their younger...(Read Full Post)