Bombings in Damascus kill 27

No one has claimed responsibility yet - not uncommon in Syria. It could be the rebels because the targets hit were limited to a police station and an intelligence headquarters. Or, it could have been al-Qaeda who it is widely believed to have set off bombs in Damascus last month. It could even be Assad planting a false flag, seeking to turn popular opinion against the rebels. But regardless of who did it, the bombings are bringing home the war to the formerly safe environs of the capitol. Reuters: Twin blasts hit the heart of Damascus on Saturday, killing at least 27 people in an attack on security installations that state television blamed on "terrorists" seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad. Syrian television reported that cars packed with explosives had targeted an intelligence centre and a police headquarters at 7.30 am (01.30 am EDT), blowing the front off one building and sending debris and shattered glass flying through the streets. Gruesome images from the sites showed...(Read Full Post)