Bad week for the EPA

First, in a unanimous opinion on the Sackett case the Supreme Court spanked the EPA for their attempts to browbeat taxpayers into submission by compounding fines while at the same time delaying access to judicial review.  Now a former EPA General Counsel during the Clinton administration calls for wholesale reform of the Agency itself.   In The Case for Trimming the EPA,  published in the Atlantic, E. Donald Elliot, adjunct professor of law at Yale Law School and holder of the first endowed chair in environmental law and policy at any major American law school, argues the current system is a mess.   Elliot, who also advises business clients, writes of one outmoded set of regulations: I had to advise a distillery to stop saving energy by burning its own alcohol waste, and instead to dump it into the ocean. They had to replace the heat value with imported foreign oil. The alcohol waste was considered "hazardous waste" because it was "ignitable," and it was...(Read Full Post)