Assad rebuffs Annan - starts shelling another town

Nobody expected anything to come of the meeting but you would think Assad would call a halt to his committing war crimes while the former UN cheif was in Damascus. Guardian: The meeting came as opposition activists reported a new government assault on Idlib. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the government was shelling the Idlib region after tanks moved towards the area in recent days. There was no independent confirmation, but smoke rose into the sky behind some apartment buildings, according to an Associated Press team in the area. Some families were seen fleeing from the violence, clutching their belongings, or taking shelter. Reinforcements have been pouring into Idlib for days, including dozens of tanks and armoured personnel carriers, activists said. The operation has raised fears that the regime is planning a new, all-out offensive in Idlib like the bloody siege last month that captured a restive part of the city of Homs, further...(Read Full Post)