After Super Tuesday, It's Time to Narrow the Field

Super Tuesday was a great day for Mitt Romney.  He won 6 states including Ohio: a state that will be a swing state in November.  Rick Santorum won 3 states, and Newt Gingrich won 1 state - Georgia, his home state.  To date, Mitt Romney has won 13 states, and he has 415 delegates; Rick Santorum has won 7 states, and he has 176 delegates; Newt Gingrich has won 2 states, and he has 105 delegates; and Ron Paul has won 0 states, and he has 47 delegates. The latest Gallup Tracking poll for the Republican nomination shows Romney at 38%, Santorum at 22%, Newt Gingrich at 15%, and Ron Paul at 12%: Looking at the trend lines, Gingrich and Paul have been steady for about a month at the bottom of the pack.  Santorum rode the crest of a wave following his hat trick in February, but his support has fallen dramatically.  He now trails Romney by 16 points. In the Georgia primary, Gingrich won 47% of the vote.  Romney was second with 26%, and Santorum was third...(Read Full Post)