'Act of Valor' and Reality Film Making

Celebrities may have finally met their match. Hollywood celebrities, with all their fame and glory need to take caution. A new breed of actors and actresses just penetrated the left wing dominated path of Hollywood. Last Friday was the opening day of the movie Act of Valor. The movie's lead cast was not the typical actor or actress, rather a unique group of America's best and brightest-US Navy SEALs.   Only the most trained eye could have differentiated who the traditional actors were in Act of Valor. SEALs didn't need to act their roles because they live them every day. They are operators, patriots, and brothers. Who better to fill the part than real warriors? Act of Valor was this weekend's number one movie grossing more than $24 million. Producing such a high tempo, exhilarating, action packed film must have cost a fortune. The producers were brilliant however in cutting the costs by not hiring some left wing peace loving anti-American hippies like George...(Read Full Post)