A Salute to Florence King

"I don't think I'm going to live much longer." In her usual direct manner, 76 year-old Florence King announced that her column, "The Bent Pin," in the March 5, 2012, edition of National Review would be her last. She has been dropping hints several recent pieces, not only in a column on famous last words, but seemingly at the end of her perfect tribute to the late Christopher Hitchens concerning the speculation of whether the atheist was in Heaven or Hell: "He's in the sea lane next to mine." Longtime readers of NR will remember Miss King as the author of "The Misanthrope's Corner," prior to her sudden retirement in 2002. "The Bent Pin" came around in the mid-2000s. Happily, Miss King will be reviewing books in the literary section of National Review until can write no more. But her commentary on the political parade will be missed. She claimed in her final column that she had become "incompatible" with politics, but for reasons that most would undoubtedly recognize: "Maybe it was the...(Read Full Post)