A Closer Look at Today's Polling Results on Gas Prices

The Washington Post and ABC have published the results of a new Presidential approval poll, as part of a long-term tracking study.  The headlines in the WaPo, ABC News and Fox News alike announce that high gas prices are the reason for the weakness in the President's level of support. Here is a sample of three headlines: From Fox News: "Survey: Obama's ratings drop as gas price soar" From The Washington Post: "Gas prices sink Obama's ratings on economy, bring parity to race for White House" From ABC News: "Election expectations move Obama's way, yet rising gas prices fuel GOP pushback" In all three articles, "gas prices" are mentioned twice in the first three paragraphs. I do not believe a word of this research, or the news articles reporting the results.  In the context of spinning the President's popularity, the pump price of gas is a bogus issue to cover up his weakness in other areas, and to create a divisive battle over energy policy. A quick look at the survey...(Read Full Post)