Will The Central Valley Be Saved Today?

Well, it's a little extreme to put it that way. But H.R. 1837, sponsored by Visalia House Republican Devin Nunes, is probably the best news to come to the battered agricultural regions of the southwest Central Valley since the Hoover Dam was built. The bill will basically end the long regime of environmentalist regulatory and judicial usurpations that have wrought great harm on some of America's most productive farmers. The bipartisan bill that even local environmentalists like, would restore the original model, the short story of which is to allow the northern Central Valley farmers to sell their excess water to the southern Central Valley farmers if they want. Up until now, various regulations and rulings have resulted in a Soviet-style central planning policy of flushing 70% of the Sacramento river valley's water into the sea, leaving a trail of blackened vineyards, dead almond tees and dust bowl wastelands in the southern part of the Valley, while unemployed farm workers must...(Read Full Post)