Will Romney charm conservatives at CPAC?

I doubt very much whether Romney will be greeted with open arms. But attendees at CPAC have a history of being respectful and willing to listen to candidates they don't support. In 2008, John McCain was greeted warmly, if not enthusiastically when he came to speak. Will Romney get the same treatement? The Hill: When Romney speaks at CPAC - two hours after Santorum addresses the same crowd - he faces a tough task: He must assuage doubts that he's a bona fide conservative with broad appeal among the Republican base, without tacking so far to the right that he appears disingenuous or hands President Obama attack lines to use against him in a general election. In the audience will be a high-octane crowd of party insiders, many of whom are deeply suspicious of the former governor of Massachusetts, whose state has legalized gay marriage, and passed healthcare reform strikingly similar to that of Obama while Romney was governor. And, as his GOP rivals love to point out, he was for abortion...(Read Full Post)