'Voter satisfaction' number in Carter territory

The percentage of Americans who are satisfied with the direction the country is headed is at it's lowest point since the presidency of George H.W. Bush. Just 22% of the people express satisfaction with the way things are going. Fox News: It's February, nine months before a presidential election, and only 22 percent of Americans say they are satisfied with the way things are going. Voters haven't been this unhappy with the country since George H.W. Bush's presidency, when only 21 percent of Americans reported being happy with the country's direction. And before that, the lowest approval rating was 19 percent during Jimmy Carter's first term. What do the two presidencies have in common? Neither of them won re-election. And, if the trends holds true, Obama looks to be in an equally precarious situation. [Read about the 10 Worst Presidents.] The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research released its 2012 campaign outlook, and it's clear Obama's sitting in ...(Read Full Post)