U.S. population growth slows

Liberals received some good news yesterday. From a Feb. 20 story on the website of USA Today: The U.S. population is growing at the slowest rate since the Great Depression after two decades of robust increases.... The government says the recession ended in June 2009. Although the economy has improved, the downturn's effect on birth and immigration lingers. The number of babies born from July 1, 2010, to July 2011 dropped 200,000 from the same period in 2008-09. The number of additional immigrants fell 150,000.... The U.S. fertility rate - which has been close to the replacement level of 2.1 children per woman in contrast to many developed nations that are well below that level - now is estimated to have fallen to 1.9, says demographer Joseph Chamie, former director of the United Nations Population Division and more recently research director at the Center for Migration Studies.... For years we've heard liberals whining about so-called overpopulation. There are too many people and...(Read Full Post)