Unions plan 'Occupy CPAC' thuggery

If it's anything like the "Occupy" protest of the Americans for Prosperity conference at the Washington Convention Center last fall, CPAC attendees better be prepared for violence. RedState: According to the AFL-CIO's Washington DC Metro Council website, "Actions are currently being planned for noontime andafter work on Friday, February 10." Apparently, the unions plans to attempt to disrupt the conference with rats, puppets, and more: WE'VE HEARD ENOUGH FROM THE 1%! Join the rally featuring tents, an inflatable fat cat, puppets, "candidate Walmart," and more to LET THE VOICES OF THE 99% BE HEARD! There is also a Facebook page for Occupy CPAC, posted by Change to Win staffer, Trina Tocco. It is important to note that Change to Win is the SEIU-led federation that broke away from the AFL-CIO in 2005-which means both union federations are involved in planning the attacks on CPAC. Unlike the Americans for Prosperity event, where #OccupyDC violently protested outside Washington Convention...(Read Full Post)