The war on jobs (continued)

Politically correct East Lansing has run a green business out of town in a victory of the bureaucrat over the entrepreneur.  Last year Dave Thorin launched "Spar-Thai" a bike-taxi service to shuttle folks around Michigan State's campus.   He considered it an eco-friendly and unique service.  Now, Mr. Thorin tells the Lansing State Journal that city fees put him under.   He says he could handle the $100 per vehicle charge and the annual $200 fee but the $80 per driver application cost was too much for the drivers. The Lansing State Journal: "I know I lost a lot and I'm not going to say money is not important ... but it hurt a lot more in other ways," Thorin said. "The idea that you spend a great deal of time and effort and you think it's going to be of help and make the community better and something a little outside of the box ... and to have something as small as a city clerk's office to squash it is really, really disappointing, more so than the...(Read Full Post)