The Rube Goldberg Diet

February 9th marked the two-year anniversary of Michelle Obama's exercise in anti-indulgence hypocrisy, Let's Move!  It also began another taxpayer-funded, star-studded travel extravaganza covering four States in three days via private jet, beginning in Iowa, and ending at Florida's Walt Disney World resort.  For generations of responsible parents who somehow managed their children's diets and enabled their innate desire for play and competitive sport, the First Lady's anniversary celebration is a Rube Goldberg moment in government absurdity.  It's a pity Mr. Goldberg isn't available to serve as the First Lady's lunchroom Czar.  There's simply nothing like billions of dollars in government bureaucracy when a peanut butter sandwich and a brown bag will do.  It was just a few decades ago American schoolchildren were supposedly starving, spurring bureaucrats to action to save parents any trauma of personal responsibility.  Apparently, the government's...(Read Full Post)