The Hillary Follies

Two years ago, Hillary Clinton enjoyed near universal media praise for her work as Secretary of State. Several months ago, Mrs. Clinton wisely announced that she would not serve as SecState beyond Obama's first term. Today, the reasons why are becoming clearer. That "Reset" button (that was mistranslated) doesn;t seem to be working out very well with Russia. Al Kamen's In the Loop column at the Washington Post looks at a column in the Russian paper that strikes back at the secretary of state's criticism and calls her "butch" and a "trucker" type, possibly with tattoos. U.S.-Russian relations may have truly hit bottom. A vicious, over-the-top newspaper column Sunday blasted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for saying Russian and Chinese vetoes of an Arab League-backed peace plan for Syria were "despicable." The column in Pravda - formerly a commie house organ and now apparently in that same mode - was headlined "Despicable is Hillary Clinton."  "She...(Read Full Post)