The fruits of Obama's 'engagement policy' told in 4 headlines

Egypt to prosecute Americans in NGO probe  Russia, China veto U.N. resolution on Syria Iran's leader: War would be detrimental to U.S. Obama's Popularity in Arab World Now Lower than Bush's Admittedly, these are just a sampling of what could have been a wide selection of news stories illustrating the utter failure of Obama's feckless and continuing policy of engagement. Obama forced Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak to allow Muslim Brotherhood members to attend his widely heralded Cairo speech-promising a new policy of engagement with the so-called Muslim world. Then Obama pushed the Egyptian Army to force Mubarak out of leadership. Then Obama's State Department worked with the Muslim Brotherhood to help them towards electoral triumph. Now Egypt is going to prosecute Americans who work for Non-Governmental Organizations, such as human-rights groups and groups working to protect minorities. Obama "re-set" relations with Russia. One way he did this was by violating ...(Read Full Post)