The Day I Became a Conservative

The oft-quoted phrase, "A conservative is a politically clueless country club Republican who got mugged" accurately describes my political conversion. Next week, I'm returning to the scene of my life-altering mugging. No, I'm not walking through the trash strewn alleys of San Francisco with twenty dollars bills spilling from my pockets, but visiting the permit counter of my local planning department. Many years ago, we decided to upgrade the master bathroom with a new shower, sink, cabinets, exhaust fans, and lighting.  Since the new shower would have granite walls, we needed to upgrade the foundation to support the added weight.  After carefully reading the city's four-page brochure for new contractors, I applied for a construction permit, including a hand drawn set of plans using my kids' graph paper and a ruler. At the walk-in counter, I handed the long forms and drawings to one of the inspectors on duty. He looked at all the papers, and informed me I had six months to...(Read Full Post)