The Cult of Warm

Daniel Greenfield has an excellent essay at FRONTPAGE today entitled, "The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science" .  Perhaps it is precisely because he ordinarily writes about radical Islam that his insights are particularly cogent. Science and Islam have never co-existed well as elucidated, for example, be Patrick Poole here on American Thinker who remarks: ...problems developed within Islamic philosophy which prevented the rise of rationalism. [science] Greenfield argues that the today's debates about the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming are much larger than whether temperature is rising: "At stake is nothing less than the question of whether the human presence on earth is a blight or a blessing, and whether every person must be tightly regulated by a global governance mechanism for the sake of saving the planet." Upon reading this passage, I was reminded of this eliminationist video from early last year in which the warm cultists fantasize about violently...(Read Full Post)