The Cult of Warm

Daniel Greenfield has an excellent essay at FRONTPAGE today entitled, "The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science" .  Perhaps it is precisely because he ordinarily writes about radical Islam that his insights are particularly cogent. Science and Islam have never co-existed well as elucidated, for example, be Patrick Poole here on American Thinker who remarks:

...problems developed within Islamic philosophy which prevented the rise of rationalism. [science]

Greenfield argues that the today's debates about the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming are much larger than whether temperature is rising:

"At stake is nothing less than the question of whether the human presence on earth is a blight or a blessing, and whether every person must be tightly regulated by a global governance mechanism for the sake of saving the planet."

Upon reading this passage, I was reminded of this eliminationist video from early last year in which the warm cultists fantasize about violently exploding any children who don't conform to warmist groupthink.  While they eventually apologized for the bad taste of this video, I believe it reveals plenty about the underlying philosophy of the video's producers.  Clearly if one views humans as a blight, then expecting teachers to casually explode children while simultaneously announcing the day's homework assignment is all in a day's work.

This passage from Greenfield's essay is chilling because it is so correct. 

"Like Wall Street, Global Warming has gotten too big to fail. Too many prominent names have committed to it. Too many serious people have nodded their heads and accepted it as an obvious truth, who would be unacceptably embarrassed if it were proven that the whole thing was nothing more than a giant prank. Too many business leaders and governments have invested serious money into it to just shake it off. And much of American and European policy-making is now routed through Global Warming. [e.g. the Canadian Keystone Oil Pipeline]

No matter what research emerges, the edifice of the lie cannot be allowed to come down. It might be reshaped a little, chiseled on the side, painted over in places, but it can never be toppled, because too much else would come down with it. Global Warming has become the Berlin Wall not only of the left, but of the entire establishment."

Fighters for freedom thus have a very daunting challenge.  As usual, but especially in this case, please read the whole essay.