The care of children

At least 10 Palestinian children and a teacher were killed in a horrific traffic accident between a school bus and a truck north of Jerusalem earlier today. The dead children were between four and six years old. More than 30 other children were injured and officials are afraid that the death toll may increase. The bus was carrying approximately 60 children. Many of the injured children were taken to hospitals in Israel, where they will receive the best care possible and everything that can be done to save their lives, relieve their suffering and make them whole again will be, without any thought of payment or politics. The Israeli medical system will respond to the injured children and their parents as human beings in need and will do everything it can to help them. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his condolences and said Israel would meet any request for aid made by the Palestinian Authority. Israeli President Peres expressed his regret and personal condolences on the...(Read Full Post)