The care of children

At least 10 Palestinian children and a teacher were killed in a horrific traffic accident between a school bus and a truck north of Jerusalem earlier today. The dead children were between four and six years old. More than 30 other children were injured and officials are afraid that the death toll may increase. The bus was carrying approximately 60 children.

Many of the injured children were taken to hospitals in Israel, where they will receive the best care possible and everything that can be done to save their lives, relieve their suffering and make them whole again will be, without any thought of payment or politics. The Israeli medical system will respond to the injured children and their parents as human beings in need and will do everything it can to help them.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his condolences and said Israel would meet any request for aid made by the Palestinian Authority. Israeli President Peres expressed his regret and personal condolences on the deaths and reiterated that those injured in the accident who had been sent to Israeli hospitals would receive the best possible care for as long as they needed it.

Let us say that it had been an Israeli school bus that crashed, that the dead and injured and dying were Israeli children instead of Palestinian ones. How would the Palestinians react? Not with the same generosity of spirit and material assistance as the Israelis, that's for sure.

They'd react by celebrating, that's how. People would celebrate and take to the streets in joy and celebration as they have done many times in the past when Israeli children have been killed. There wouldn't be any generosity of spirit or material assistance. There would be joy and happiness because dead Israelis make Palestinians happy, regardless of the circumstances and even if the dead Israelis are children.

Why? Because Palestinian hatred of Israelis and Jews is bred in the bone and as deeply ingrained as you can get, because demonization and vilification of Israelis and Jews is endemic in Palestinian society and Palestinians are bombarded with anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic bilge constantly, because Islam teaches and mandates Jew hatred, submission and murder, because Palestinians reject Israel in its entirety and want nothing more than to wipe Israel off the map and drive Israelis into the sea, because Palestinians see Israelis and Jews as vermin, that's why.

Because Israelis glorify life and love their children and Palestinians glorify death and use their children as political tools and human shields to satisfy their blood lust and the requirements of their religion. Palestinians may say they love their children, but they use them in ways no Israeli would, which means that their definition of love is perverted and they don't really love them at all.

Martyrdom anyone?

Therein lies the difference.