The Baehr Essentials

Andrew Ferguson alone makes the Weekly Standard worth reading. With a Bill Clinton revival in full swing, Ferguson reminds us of the parts of the story left untold in the new "documentary" on Clinton on PBS and some new hagiographies in various magazines, such as Esquire: The Big Creep Jay Cost on the two faces of the Democratic Party -- the social justice side and the payoffs side. Warren Buffet talks the fairness talk all the way to the bank.   As the oracle of Omaha's returns in recent years have gravitated towards the S & P mean,  he has relied to an increasing extent on favorable policy from Washington to boost returns. Opponents of military action against Iran's nuclear program, have argued that such an effort would require a many weeks air campaign to have any real effect, and would create grave strategic risks. That may not be the case: Spengler and Luttwak I would prefer that the presidential election debate concern domestic policy: spending,...(Read Full Post)