The Baehr Essentials

Andrew Ferguson alone makes the Weekly Standard worth reading. With a Bill Clinton revival in full swing, Ferguson reminds us of the parts of the story left untold in the new "documentary" on Clinton on PBS and some new hagiographies in various magazines, such as Esquire: The Big Creep

Jay Cost on the two faces of the Democratic Party -- the social justice side and the payoffs side.

Warren Buffet talks the fairness talk all the way to the bank.   As the oracle of Omaha's returns in recent years have gravitated towards the S & P mean,  he has relied to an increasing extent on favorable policy from Washington to boost returns.

Opponents of military action against Iran's nuclear program, have argued that such an effort would require a many weeks air campaign to have any real effect, and would create grave strategic risks. That may not be the case: Spengler and Luttwak

I would prefer that the presidential election debate concern domestic policy: spending, taxes, deficits, and foreign and military policy, not  divisive social issues. Mark Steyn on the contraception misdirection: 

The duplicity of Professor Jon Gruber at MIT is one reason why I do not give any money to this school I attended.  Of course given the size of their endowment, they do not need my money.  I wonder why any sane alum would give to any of the Ivy League schools, or other well endowed elite institutions, unless it is to win favor among the admissions committees for future legacies. Gruber is one of the architects and author of the two thousand plus pages of Obamacare, as a well paid consultant to HHS. Now he tells some states that private insurance premiums will skyrocket after the bill is fully in force in 2014, by 30% or more. . But Gruber assured us while the bill was being debated, that this was not the case. But now he has some new paying clients and the story has changed.

I  wrote two articles for Israel Hayom. On Iran. On the GOP race.

Trivia question: Who was the only President who was elected on his birthday?