Terrorists preaching hate from behind bars

Some of Great Britain's most notorious Islamic terrorists are still getting their message of hate out to the world even though they are in prison. A security loophole has allowed these terrorists to advocate for violence while spreading hateful lies about the West. Daily Mail: Dozens of unrepentant extremists have been exposed as glorying in their fanaticism and encouraging others to consider further atrocities. Among them are key figures in almost every major terrorist conspiracy of the past decade, including the July 2005 attacks in London. They include hate cleric Abu Hamza, lone-wolf attacker Roshonara Choudhry and failed BA bomber Rajib Karim. The inmates have been able to voice their hate-filled opinions via a website apparently run by former members of a banned extremist organisation. Some boasted they were studying extremist material.  News of the security breach sparked outrage and one MP called on the prison authorities to tighten up their systems. It comes...(Read Full Post)