Sugar: The new tobacco?

Attention SCOTUS: Arguments against Obamacare start and end with the notion that if it becomes a permanent law, government will have license to meddle in American's daily lives beyond anything previously imagined. Case in point; sugar. Since we have a health problem with obesity (and we do), the argument is being advanced that government must take control of dispensing sugar because so much of our excess weight is due to the fact we consume more sugar per capita than any other nation in the world. Sugar is in almost all processed food, not to mention our huge consumption of chocolate and other candies. But is regulating sugar like we regulate alcohol or tobacco the answer? It is if you're a big government statist: First, we think that the public needs to be better informed about the science of how sugar impacts our health. Second, we need to take what we know about protecting societies from the health harms of alcohol and apply it to sugar. What doesn't work is all-out prohibition --...(Read Full Post)