Stop Picking on President Bully

The latest Obama campaign plea arrived in my inbox today -- "Tired of the Obama bashing?"  Such frank honesty, amid grammatical ambiguity, made me wonder if I was being had.  But as long as it's the Obama camp asking - yes -- I tire of Obama's petulant bashing of those he presumes to have been handed a winning ticket in life's fairness lottery. Of course, Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager, Julianna Smoot, isn't referring to Obama and his constant bashing of others -- pitting citizen against citizen, bullying those who refuse to bow to tyranny, and dooming even those he claims to champion with government-inspired fairness.  Smoot is referring to the audacious bashing of her put-upon Oppressor-in-Chief, Obama himself, which is nothing if not a rather pathetic and unconvincing role reversal. Laughably, the Republican basher du jour happens to be the Democrats' favored opponent, Mitt Romney, who simply dared mention the Republican's 2012 objective is defeating Barack...(Read Full Post)