Social Issues Could Loosen Obama's Hold On Senior Blacks

Dad opened the door and I gave him an ear-full. My 84 year old black dad who is a minister in Maryland called me here in Florida.  He said Maryland is considering passing a same sex marriage law. Assuming his Christian denomination would oppose such a law, Dad called his Bishop regarding info for a planned protest. To Dad's shock and horror, the Bishop said they decided not to protest the law because several of their ministers support the law. Then, the Bishop added, "Don't worry Rev. Marcus, you will not be forced to marry anyone you do not want to marry." I told Dad the Bishop was incorrect about him not being forced to perform gay marriage ceremonies. I explained the left's tactic of "incrementalism."  For example. Smoking went from being confined to the back of the airplane to being banned from airports. I guarantee that after Maryland passes their same sex marriage law, eventually all ministers will be forced to comply with the law or lose their license.  Dad...(Read Full Post)