Santorum sharpening his attacks on Romney

The gloves have been off for a while but Santorum appears to be sharpening his attacks on Romney, while turning to a more populist message. Politico: Stepping up his assault on Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum delivered a slashing speech Saturday morning that portrayed the establishment favorite as an elitist and unreliable conservative. Santorum, appearing before over a thousand conservative activists gathered in suburban Detroit for an Americans for Prospertiy conference, emphasized his immigrant roots, modest background and conservative credentials in an impassioned address that won him a standing ovation. "I didn't blow in the wind when things were popular with the elite," Santorum said.   "Because I don't come from the elite." The former Pennsylvania senator was clearly alluding to Romney, who has taken the lead in some polls here. On taxes, climate change, healthcare and bailouts, Santorum attacked his chief rival by name in what was one of the toughest speeches he's ...(Read Full Post)