Santorum on Target about Netherlands' Euthanasia Laws

The Dutch are calling Rick Santorum a "crazy extreme Catholic" for his views on the Netherland's euthanasia laws.  The Dutch are outraged over claims Santorum made to the Reverend James Dobson (Focus on the Family) about the practice of euthanasia in the Netherlands.  If you're not familiar with Dutch euthanasia and assisted-suicide laws, it pays to be.  That such laws exist at all are tragic; that they're so loosely defined is chilling.  That Dutch laws could come to America is more than downright frightening.  Along with abortion, the Dutch are in the vanguard of the West becoming completely opted-in to the "Culture of Death." A group called the "Patients Rights Council" in Ohio summarizes the Dutch laws.  In reviewing that summary, consider these points: The law "requires" physicians to conduct euthanasia with "due care."  The law redefines euthanasia and assisted-suicide from crimes to "medical treatments." Incompetent patients can be euthanized...(Read Full Post)