Santorum in Mitt's crosshairs

The former Pennsylvania senator will be a harder target for Mitt Romney's attack machine. But there's plenty of fodder their if he wishes to use it. SFGate: Mitt Romney took aim at the rival who beat him in three Republican presidential contests in one day, berating Rick Santorum as a long-time Washington insider and lumping him with Newt Gingrich. Romney, whose status as the frontrunner in the Republican was shaken by the Feb. 7 results, yesterday compared both Santorum and Gingrich with President Barack Obama, saying all three lacked experience in the "real economy." Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania, and Gingrich, the former U.S. House speaker, "spent a lot of time in Washington and during that time they spent a lot more money than they took in," Romney said in Atlanta, Georgia. Romney, who has stressed his experience as a private equity executive, went on the offensive after Santorum revived his candidacy with wins in Missouri's non-binding primary and caucuses in...(Read Full Post)