Romney wins big in NV: Still can't crack 50%

As expected, Mitt Romney parlayed a big turnout among the significant Mormon population in Nevada into an easy win over Newt Gingrich in the Nevada caucuses. With the slow as molasses Nevada GOP counting process, as of this writing, with 71% of the precincts reporting, Romney leads Gingrich 48 to 23 with Ron Paul at 21% and Santorum coming in last with 11%. Fox News is reporting that the entrance polls show Romney doing slightly better with conservatives: Mitt Romney rode overwhelming backing from Mormons and his best performance yet among conservatives to his emphatic victory Saturday in Nevada's Republican presidential contest, according to preliminary results of a poll of voters entering the caucuses. Buoyed by near monolithic support from Mormons, the former Massachusetts governor won a broad and deep victory. He was the clear winner among every age group except for those under 30, with all but the lowest-earning voters and across all levels of education. Romney captured the...(Read Full Post)