Romney gets the job done in Michigan and Arizona

It cost him millions of dollars and intense focus of his well oiled machine, but Mitt Romney won a plurality of the Michigan primary vote tally, a test much-hyped by the media as a critical test of campaign momentum. The fact that statewide majority or plurality means nothing in Michigan, which allocates delegates by congressional district, was irrelevant to the media narrative.  Romney's victory speech almost acknowledged the artificiality: "We didn't win by a lot, but we won by enough. And that's all that counts." In Michigan, Romney won 41% of the vote, to Santorum's 38%, Ron Paul's 12, and Newt's 7. In Arizona, where one out of seven GOP primary voters was Mormon, Mitt won 47% to Santorum's 27, Newt's 16, and Ron Paul's 8. The race got a little bit ugly, with Romney charging that the Santorum campaign's robo calls to Democrats were out of bounds, though Romney himself has admitted crossover voting in Democrat primaries in Massachusetts.  No doubt Santorum picked up a...(Read Full Post)