Respiratory Illnesses in the Navajo Nation

After writing my most recent blog on the installation of solar panels on a Navajo hogan, I received email from a man who has lived on the Navajo reservation for 30 years: "I think your perspectives on Navajo today were quite precise, causing me to wonder who you might be. I'm enjoying your work." So maybe I'm not crazy! My correspondent took exception to an assertion by Mark Snyder that the coal-fired generating plants on the reservation are to blame for the high rates of asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease among the Navajo: "There are no scientific studies to substantiate this statement and I've been looking online since last September and have checked with the Navajo Area Indian Health Service whether they are aware of any. They're not." He attached an article, "Navajo Coal Combustion and Respiratory Health Near Shiprock, New Mexico," published in a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Environmental and Public Health. Some extracts follow. Indoor air...(Read Full Post)