Rejoice. Washington no longer 'Occupied.'

It took a week, but after further groveling and bowing and scraping before the dirty necked galoots who were camped out in McPherson Square, the US Park Police decided to enforce their own ban on tents and swept the Occupy DC site nearly clean: Police closed McPherson Square after tensions escalated between the protesters occupying the park and the U.S. Park Police trying to enforce the no camping rules at the park. Officials said it was relatively peaceful but got tense late Saturday when an officer was hit in the face with a brick as police pushed protesters out of the last section of the park. The officer was taken to a hospital for treatment. It total eight people were arrested. By early Sunday morning, McPherson Square was brightly lit up, with a heavy police presence, but no sign of the protesters who vow to return. Some of the tents in the park are still standing. Some of the occupiers have taken shelter at the nearby Luther Place Memorial Church. Others took shelter at the...(Read Full Post)