Reality TV Coming Attractions: 'Plumegate'

If you loved Climategate, you will swoon over Plumegate, the upcoming trial in Federal Court in New Orleans regarding the BP oil spill!  Aside from the minor squabbles that have taken place so far, we are approaching the main event, featuring the administration of 2009 Nobel Peace Prize-winner President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. (former Vice President Al Gore is so 2007!).  The prize will be determining the size of the environmental fines to be paid by BP and/or its contractors Transocean and Halliburton.  The fines will be based on the amount of oil that flowed out of the well and into the environment and whether there was gross negligence involved.  There promise to be all sorts of plot twists, such as a discussion on the meaning of "oil."  Does "oil" include natural gas?  (In a different context, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has contended that natural gas is "an alternative to fossil fuels," and therefore, it would seem, it does not fit the...(Read Full Post)