ObamaCare's Moral Conscience Accommodation

Saturday's opinion in The Wall Street Journal, "Immaculate Contraception," explains the absurdity of ObamaCare's "accommodation" for those whose moral conscience prevents them from paying for birth control: Under the new rule, which the White House stresses is "an accommodation" and not a compromise, nonprofit religious organizations won't have to directly cover birth control and can opt out. But the insurers they hire to cover their employees can't opt out. If that sounds like a distinction without a difference, odds are you're a rational person. The key word here is "directly," as in "won't have to directly cover birth control." Although it's apparently lost on the Obama administration, even D.C. bureaucrats used to understand this truism: "Money is fungible." Since all premiums for an insurance plan go into the same pool of money and all claims are paid for out of that same pool of money, every enrollee pays, in part, for every medical claim -- including birth control. That's...(Read Full Post)