Obamacare a drag on the president in swing states

Fascinating poll by USA Today/Gallup that breaks down the vote in 12 swing states. The poll finds both Santorum and Romney besting Obama, but by narrow margins. And the real drag on Obama's campaign in those states appears to be Obamacare. USA Today: In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of the nation's dozen top battleground states, a clear majority of registered voters call the bill's passage "a bad thing" and support its repeal if a Republican wins the White House in November. Two years after he signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act-- and as the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments about its constitutionality next month -- the president has failed to convince most Americans that it was the right thing to do. [...] n the poll, Obama lags the two leading Republican rivals in the 12 states likely to determine the outcome of a close race in November: Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum tops Obama 50%-45% in the swing states. Nationwide, Santorum's lead...(Read Full Post)