Obama or the Israelis: Who Do You Believe?

Bloomberg, among other news outlets, reports that the U.S. and Israel are split over when to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.  Perhaps for the U.S., in the person of Barack Obama, it's still more if the U.S. should attack Iran.  Middle East expert and former Clinton administration official Aaron David Miller is quoted by Bloomberg as saying that there's a "significant analytic difference" between the U.S. and Israel as to how close the Iranians are to an effective shield for their nuclear weapons program.  Miller continues: "There's a growing concern -- more than a concern -- that the Israelis, in order to protect themselves, might launch a strike without approval, warning or even foreknowledge."   Imagine that.  The Israelis have a sense of urgency, based on their intelligence estimates, their geographic proximity to Iran, and the not trifling fact that the Iranians are world class Jew-haters sworn to erase Israel from the face of the earth.  And...(Read Full Post)