Obama Kicks the Iranian Nuclear Can Down the Road

If folks' heads are spinning lately over the Israel/Iran situation and the U.S./Iran confrontations, there are plenty of good reasons. Israel makes noises about attacking the Islamic Republic; Iran in turn makes noises about closing the Strait of Hormuz and large-scale retaliation.  Obama says a military option is not "off the table," just as he sweeps it over the edge and down to the floor. The U.S. postpones a huge joint military exercise with Israel, and folks on both sides are making contradictory leaks about whether Israel asked for the delay, whether Obama pulled the rug out from under them again, or whether Israel simply doesn't want a whole bunch of U.S. troops in the way when they make a spring attack. It got worse this past week, when Obama's own chief intelligence officer, James Clapper, Jr., in testimony before Congress, shockingly announced his belief that Iranian leaders are willing to carry out attacks right here on U.S. soil (we did discover and foil one...(Read Full Post)