Obama Girls Cheer Obama Apology to Karzai, Forget Troops

After Obama sent his "sincere apologies" on Thursday to Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai for the Quran burnings on a military base, two American soldiers were killed in apparent retaliatory attacks. But that didn't stop pundit Kirsten Powers from defending a President who has yet to apologize to the families of the Ft. Hood massacre. Appearing on Fox News' Special Report Friday Powers sanctimoniously suggested President Obama's apology to the Muslim world for the burning of Qurans was some kind of noble gesture.  Powers smiled while fellow panelist Charles Krauthammer railed against the Secretary of Defense and the President for whetting the appetite of revenge-seeking Islamists.   When asked if Obama had gone "too far" by apologizing, Powers replied, "Absolutely not." I just have a hard time following this idea that we should be demanding apologies from other people but we shouldn't apologize...Is this what people tell their children? Only apologize if...(Read Full Post)